Make Your AR15 Rifle Full Auto Legally. Trick For AK47 Too.

Convert AR15 Rifle to Full Auto Legally.
Trick For AK47 Too.

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Convert Your AR15 Rifle to Full Auto Legally tip. The trick is inexpensive and can be reversed in minutes. Get the rush of shooting a full automatic AR15 or M4 Rifle. Trick now for AK47 and Saiga too.

This Inexpensive Trick Now Available For AK47/74 Too!
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Make Your AR15 Rifle Full Auto Legally Tip - Home

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Years of shooting double taps and quads can get pretty old. I recently got to fire a friends Convert AR-15 full auto rifle conversion and it just blew me away. I even asked him if it was legal. He said the AR15 M4 full automatic conversion is legal and approved by the ATF. I said no-freakin-way dude! Bump-fire stock slide-fire stocks Tac-Con 3MR bump fire trigger. Geissele SSA-E 2 stage trigger. Later he showed me the website with video and letters from the Feds (ATF) that states it is legal. I am still blow away by this. I still have fears of cutting a tag off a new pillow. I purchased one for myself and it was cheap for what you get. I understand they have a conversion for the AK47 now too. I bet the trick for the AK47 is awesome with more recoil.